For now, I have just copied my *In Progress* page to the front page, and moved my blog to /blog. I want my main landing page to be a list of the games I have developed, and my blog to be secondary. Due to be cleaned up soon with screenshots and a better list of the games I have made.

8 Apr 2014
bounce game...thing - Moving right along with my HaxeFlixel learning, here's another quick game thing. Bounce on the platforms to make a point, and don't hit the spikes!

28 Mar 2014
quadrobounce2 - More work in HaxeFlixel, this time recreating my first iOS game. It only took one day to get this up and running, but obviously isn't finished. May take this one to full release someday.

25 Mar 2014
bounceTest - Simple bouncing sprite game, testing out HaxeFlixel's Flash exporter.

15 Mar 2015
Jumper - I had an idea to make a 3D "Doodle Jump" where you are staring down and bouncing on's not very fun, but here's my quick prototype.

8 Mar 2014
newShooter - A quick mockup of a new space shooter (my favorite genre apparently) made with Unity and Futile, with graphics from

1 Jan 2014
shielDefense Prototype - Check out the first released prototype for shielDefense. Requires a twin stick controller. Read about the project here.

6 Nov 2013
spaceGame - Second tutorial game from Walker Boys Studio. I learned a TON more on this game, and really am starting to feel comfortable with how Unity works.

28 Sep 2013
ClickGame - First complete ‘game’ built from the Walker Boys Studio tutorial series.

shielDefense (temporary title) - Nothing playable has been released yet, but I have a prototype of this game built and running on my phone. It was made with cocos2d, but my plan is to remake and eventually finish this game with Unity.

sheilDefense Prototype